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How can I prepare my bathroom for a shower remodel after scheduling the remodel with Coastal Bath Co?

Prior to your scheduled bathroom remodel, we recommend that you remove all of your bathroom items and store them in another room. This will help us to have more space to work and will help to keep your bathroom clean.

What kind of help can you provide me with in deciding on a bathroom remodeling design?

We provide you with a variety of design options for your bathroom remodel. We help you plan the layout of the new space, select materials and fixtures, and recommend contractors to complete the work. Give us a call at 302-569-8209 to learn more!

What benefits does remodeling my bathroom provide?

The benefits of remodeling your bathroom can be both functional and aesthetic. Often, people will remodel their bathrooms to increase the amount of storage and counter space, to make the room more accessible for those with mobility issues, or to simply update the look of the room. A well-done bathroom remodel can add significant value to your home.

What happens after I request a quote for bathroom remodeling?

We will reach out to you to discuss your bathroom remodeling project in more detail. We’re here to help anyway we can!

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Give us a call at 302-569-8209 and we’ll help you answer any questions you might have!

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